Anna and Elsa from Frozen Dresses

Who hasn’t seen Frozen ? Anyone with a child will surely have seen the film Frozen, probably more than a dozen times !  Anna and Elsa, the two sisters who’s love for each other ultimately saved the day, a classic Disney story with an unusual twist at the end.

I have to say, I loved Frozen ! The lovable characters Sven and Olaf, were my particular favourites, but my daughter’s favourite, without a doubt, was Anna.  However, Elsa wore the prettier dress !

At her recent Frozen birthday party , all the girls were wearing various different versions of the Elsa dress and I now wonder if I should have bought her the Anna Dress, so that she would have been different.  I made an Elsa cake with the dress made from a bowl and iced in blue and white, and the girls played Frozen games; pin the nose on Olaf, Anna and Elsa Karaoke, hunt the carrot for Sven & musical snowflakes.

Here at Dresses for Gorgeous Girls , we are looking forward to our Anna and Elsa dresses arriving - they are made by a company called ‘Little Adventures’ and their aim is to make comfortable , wearable, washable & durable dressing up clothes, so I will be buying the Anna dress this Christmas for my daughter.   I wonder if my son would like to be Kristoff ??