How to Choose the Perfect Flowergirl 

Petals for Flowergirl Dress

Being a flowergirl for a day is an amazing dream for a lot of little girls, but it’s not all about wearing a gorgeous dress and walking down the aisle. There is a good deal of responsibility and expectation to perform their duties too - after all, a bride wants a perfect day !

When choosing a child for the role, you should consider their age, personality and character. A flower girl can have a number of jobs on the day and this can be overwhelming for a very shy, very young or reserved child. Being a flower girl is not just about looking cute, although of course, that is important too! They could be scattering petals while walking down the aisle before the bride, holding the brides dress, sitting patiently during the service, posing for photos, throwing confetti or blowing bubbles and, after the wedding, handing out wedding favours too.  Traditionally the flower girls throw herbs, grains and rose petals down the aisle to symbolise fertility, everlasting love and good luck.

If you have a flower girl who is shy or uncomfortable being in the limelight, it would be wise to have more than one flower girl. Ideally girls of a similar age that are already friends is the best option.  . However if they don’t really know each other, then arrange some play dates and make sure they are involved in some of the preparations together. The parents could also talk to them about the day and take them on a visit to where the wedding will take place.

Alternatively you could choose an older confident child who will be capable of sticking to the plan, and one or two younger ones for the ‘cute’ factor that she can be responsible for. If the little ones fail to perform, at least you will have one well behaved flowergirl !

Looking like a princess in a beautiful dress is what most flower girls will dream about, and choosing the flowergirl dress is probably one of the biggest decisions for the bride to make. The dress will usually match or compliment the brides own dress by either the style or choosing a colour that matches the wedding theme. Length is a key consideration , as a full length would be very risky on a young child - the chances of them tripping up and tearing the dress is an almost certainty ! If you have a younger child, go for a t-length dress as this will come halfway between the knee and the ankle.

Most importantly, the flowergirl must be comfortable and confident with the dress as she will be wearing it for many hours during a very busy and exciting day !

Petals for Flowergirl Dress