Frequently Asked Questions - Flowergirl Petals Dresses


 Do I need to have a sash on the dress?

No. You can choose a dress without a sash, this dress comes with attached satin ties in either white or ivory, which tie in a bow at the back of the dress.


How many packets of petals do I need in a dress?

Our advice is, if you choose a dress 5-6yrs or below 1 packet of petals is enough to give a layer of petals all the way around but over that age we suggest choosing 2 packets of petals for more coverage. Obviously it is up to you and if you would like lots of petals in a dress you can choose as many packets of petals as you like!


Can I have more than 1 colour of petals in a dress?

Yes! You can have as many different colours as you like. We often make up dresses with a range of colours (pastel colours look amazing!)


Does the dress come made up?

Yes, the dress will arrive ready to wear.


I’m not sure which colour petals to choose, can you help?

We are more than happy to send you out some petal samples to help you choose and we can also email you photos of the petals too. Call us on 01932 943000.


You haven’t got quite the colour of petals I’m looking for. Could you get them?

We can usually get any colour you are looking for or you can buy the petals and we can add them to the dress for you.


Can I choose a different sash colour to the petals and flower?

Yes, you can have any colour combination of sash, flower and petals - they don’t have to be the same.


I’m buying several dresses for my flower girls but I’m unsure of their sizes. What shall I do?

You will need to get the measurements of the girls.  When you measure the child measure under the arms for the chest size and just above the belly button for the waist – add about 2-3cms for movement and then you should have the correct size for the child.  The  length measurement we give is from the top of the shoulder to where the hem ends.


What colour is the dress?

You have a choice of either white or ivory.


How soon will they be ready ?

If all the components are in stock,  for a small number of dresses, usually they will be ready for dispatch in a few days; larger orders would take a little longer , but no more than a week.  If we have to order some or part of your order, usual waiting time is approx. 2-3 weeks.