10 Tips for Planning a First Communion

10 Things to Consider When Planning a First Communion

1. Choosing a Date – If you have a choice, choose the date that is the least popular, the fewer the children making first communion, the more special it will feel and it will be easier to find a seat at the service ! First Holy communions are a big event in the church year so it's not just family and friends who want to attend but parishioners too.


2. Decide on catering and bouncy castles well in advance. Lots of families will be making first communion around the same time, so these things will get booked up fast.


3. What to wear  - boys are easy, a nice pair of trousers, a white shirt, tie and waistcoat or jacket are the usual attire. For girls, a white dress is a necessity.


4. Girls - How to choose a Communion Dress – this is the fun part that a lot of girls love !  Take her shopping or order a few dresses online, and allow her to try on a range of dresses. This is the only way to find one that will fit nicely and feel comfortable. Once in the church, the child will need to get up, sit down, kneel and walk around, so comfort is as important as the style. 


5. Should a Girl wear a Communion Veil ?  This seems to be a trend in some areas and not in others. Find out what other people at your service are doing – girls tend to like wearing veils , but not if they are the only one wearing one.


6. Accessories such as bags and gloves – many churches frown on these additional items as children are likely to fiddle with them during the service. Also, gloves should be taken off to receive the wine and bread, and are often left behind on the pews. If you want to have them, find out if they are allowed.


7. Hair style – this depends on whether a veil is being worn. Will you need a hairdresser, if so book well in advance ! Hairdressers are often happy to do a practise run, particularly if a veil or tiara is being worn.


8. Arrive at the church early !  Unless you want to spend the entire time standing at the back, arrive nice and early and bag a pew , especially if you have young or old with you !


9. Bring something to keep the little ones entertained, unfortunately they could get very bored !


10. Remember to bring your camera , not for the church as that usually isn’t allowed, but for photos with their friends after the service, for lovely, lasting memories.

Above all, remember to enjoy your child's special day - it is a really important day in a young catholic's life, but it should also be a very enjoyable one. Have fun !