Fitting Advice

Buying a dress online is easy, just a few clicks and you're done but the one thing customers struggle with is what size dress to buy.

Here is D4GG's guide to buying the perfect size dress.

1. Measure the child in centimetres. A fabric tape measure is best and make sure they are not wearing thick clothing - a T shirt is fine.

    Measure the chest - this is done under the arms and all the way around.

    Measure the waist - at the belly button and all the way around.

    All our dresses have the dress length, so to see where a dress will come to on the child, measure from the top of the shoulder to the measurement we have given.

2. Add on 2-3cms to the chest and waist measurements taken from the child as this is for comfort and growth.

3. You may not find the exact measurements you have, on one of our dresses, but don't be tempted to go down a size in your measurements. Your child needs to be able to breathe and move her arms freely around !

4. Most of our dresses have a sash tie at the back so if you think a dress may be too big around the waist, the ties will help to bring it in a bit.

5. If you are really struggling, please call us or email us the measurements and we will advise you. With years of fitting experience we can offer guidance and advice. We also know what dresses suit different shaped bodies too!

You can contact us on 01932 943000 or email us either or