Is Aqua the new Pink for Girls ?

As far back as I can remember, pink was the colour for girls. As soon as a girl was born, everything seemed to be pink from the toys to the clothes. Thankfully over the past few years, I have noticed this changing and with girls ‘growing up more quickly’ these days, with social media and other outside influences, they have been able to express themselves in their style and clothes much more than in the past.

Junior Prom is now in vogue and a lot of Primary Schools are celebrating the move from one school to another with this fun party event. The Dress is the big thing for girls and traditionally we would have expected our pink dresses to be the most popular, but this year, Aqua is the colour most girls want, closely followed by blue, be it royal blue, navy or turquoise.

I love the change and the self-expression of our young girls today and long may it continue!