Girls Tutus Pettiskirts

We fell in love with Pettiskirts a few years ago.  They are essentially extravagant girls tutus that are made from many, many yards of soft chiffon , very similar to the Fru-fru skirts iconic to the 1950’s.

We came across them purely by chance when searching for new ideas for our online store; my daughter wore one of our first pettiskirt samples to a party and all eyes were on her as she ran up and down the hall, dancing and twirling to the music !

So many people commented on the tutu that I knew we had to have our very own brand of pettiskirt !

Our Little Bo Peep Pettiskirts are made to a high specification, they are long and very full, and we have chosen a range of vibrant colours.  To date, the most popular colour has been the Dusky Pink , with the Hot Pink Swirl and Silver Grey Pettiskirt close behind.

The Pettiskirts can be washed at 30 degrees in a washing machine , either on their own or with some towels and they come out looking fluffier than ever ! They should be stored in the pink canvas drawstring bag provided, to keep them looking fabulous.

Younger girls and older girls alike wear our pettiskirts , either dressed up with a pretty top and shoes or dressed down with jumper and boots. Either way, they are an item of clothing that every girl should have in their wardrobe !