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Design Meeting!                  20th October 2014

Last week Debbie and I got together to go through the final finishing touches to our new collection of holy communion dresses. It was a very productive meeting and we went through the last details of dresses, we looked at the bead, sequin and embroidery samples, we tweeked some dress designs and checked the fabrics again. It was an important meeting, we needed to make sure we got these designs right as the time is ticking away from us and we need these dresses as soon as possible, so the pressure was on but when I thought about the meeting later that evening it didn't feel stressed or pressured, infact it was filled with laughter and fun.  Why wasn't it more strained and difficult? I decided it was because of the relationship between Debbie and I is so strong. We understand how each other works and we have immense trust in decisions that the other one makes. We have been in business now for almost 5 years, we have never had a cross word and have the utmost respect for each other, so getting a difficult job done is a breeze! It all comes down to good old friendship and team work! Long may it continue! Oh and our new Angel Collection of holy communion dresses will be here in December!


Halloween          14th October 2014

How times have change from when I was a child, I don't remember much about Halloween and I certainly didn't go trick or treating. As my children grew up it became more and more popular and now the shops are filled with signs reminding us of this time of year. I do love Halloween and always have a party for friends and their children, my youngest enjoys it so much but so do my teenagers!  We play silly games - apple bobbing, sweets in flour and find the treats in the monsters brain! The table is loaded with spooky treats, the house is decorated with skeletons and spiders and the pumpkins are lit. As the night draws in we venture out on to my road with the children holding a torch in one hand and pumpkin bucket in the other. They knock on my neighbours doors trying the scare them and shout trick or treat - I'm lucky to live in a road where the people are happy to let the children have fun, we follow the rule, only to knock on the doors with lit pumpkins, which works perfectly, with the children searching for the pumpkins. It is a fun night with lots of laughter especially about the costumes we all wear - I will be wearing a spider headband and wings, as seen in our tutu gift sets, I won't be wearing the tutu as I know I can't squeeze into that but my 19 year old daughter tells me she has plans for it! I can't wait!


Autumn          8th October 2014

The sun is shining through the windows, trees are beginning to change colour and chestnuts are falling in the wind.  I love this time of year but it is a shame that this season sometimes goes by without us noticing it as we get swept along in the hype of Christmas. This year I am determind to enjoy it, for a start I'm walking my youngest to school every morning, it's such a lovely time not only does it give us some one to one time without any distractions, when I arrive at work I feel fresh and alive ready for the day ahead. I know that Christmas is around the corner and there is so much to do but I for one will be doing more shopping online in the evening, on the sofa with a glass of wine and my dog curled up at my feet! Shopping stressful? Not anymore!


Its that time of year again - the run up to Christmas !              30 September 2014

Did I just say Christmas ? Here at D4GG , the months before Christmas are the most important time of the year.  Everybody wants a new party dress and new and inspiring gifts for the little girls in their lives, and we aim to provide as many beautiful dresses and gorgeous gifts as we possibly can !  So there's plenty of work to do, new stock to order, new ideas to consider and of course the promotional work of letting everyone know what's on offer from D4GG this year - it's an impossibly busy time of year , but we are beavering away like little elves , making sure we have everything ready !


New Communion dresses to design                                28 August 2014

It is so exciting to be designing our very own First Communion dresses again !  It's a wonderful opportunity to show off our creative sides , as there is so much thought to go into all the little details on the dresses. This year we love lace , and have included lace into 3 of our designs. We also have some pretty embroidery and bead designs again, many with little cap sleeves as they proved so popular last year.

Can't wait to see the first samples !

Time out from D4GG and the Kids                       30 May 2014

I love my job at D4GG , I feel empowered every day that I work , knowing that this is something myself and Anne have created and that we make all the decisions , good or bad. Our choice of new dresses, our customer service and our speed at dispatching orders to our waiting customers is something we spend every day perfecting.

But sometimes some time out can be a very good way of recharging the batteries.  I have just been away for a few days with my old school friend for some fun girly time, away from the kids, my hubby and D4GG.  While it was very enjoyable, I still managed to spend a good deal of time worrying about some special orders that were in the pipeline and had to arrive by a certain date, and I spent a fortune  buying mobile internet so I could check my emails !

I now realise I really needn’t have worried, my friend and colleague Anne had it all covered while I was away, managing to juggle my work as well as her own and sill managing to spend some quality half term time with her own children. She deserves a medal !

I am now refreshed and ready to face all the new challenges the new month will bring !


A Simply Wonderful Wedding                                        9 May 2014

 My young nephew-in-law got married last Friday in a simple ceremony with a reception attended by about 100 friends and family. Friday was a terrific day for the kids, as I had to collect them from school early and they came strutting out with glee at leaving their classmates still working at their desks.  My daughter was very excited to finally be allowed to wear her beautiful new dress, the turquoise rosette ombre dress from our collection , and a gorgeous aqua cardigan and sandals from Zara, and she got changed in record time !   My two sons looked very smart in their suit and ties, my youngest wearing his ‘spy’ jacket with pride.

 The speeches were very moving, not always because of what was being said , but how it was being said, and the emotion that accompanied it. You could certainly tell who did speeches for a living and who was speaking for the first time, and it was these first timers that left the biggest impression, and really tugged at the heart strings.

Family weddings can bring a lot of existing issues to the fore, and ours is no different - there are people that get on and people who don’t. But this one simple day brought everybody together in a way that unified us all, and it was simply wonderful.

Mother's Day - Can a mum really down tools for the day ?      30 March 2014

I woke up this morning to the sounds of children laughing and playing .........no , I was dreaming , I woke up this morning to the sounds of children, the youngest shrieking at not getting her own way and the middle indignantly telling her to go away and leave him alone.  I made my way downstairs, made a cup of tea and managed to make my way back up to my bedroom completely undetected by both children, which is no mean feat. My husband has conveniently skipped the country, apparently oblivious to the fact that it's mothers day when he should make lots of effort on behalf of the children, so I settle back into my unusually spacious bed for a well earned lie-in.

But not for long.  My mind is wandering with thoughts of our year end and stock taking and accounting and omg what else do I need to do ?  It has been a busy year, and our sales are growing week by week ; we need to stay on top of the continuing workload, but also make time to analyse and report back on the past year.

Back to Mother's Day and my eldest makes me a very yummy BLT in a fresh crusty roll , a perfect start to the day. He washes up and tells me to relax and do nothing today !  Can I really do that ?  I try, I sit for a while and watch a movie, but I am itching to get out the laptop and I finally give in and log on.

I want to relax but there is so much to do !  Year end, plus a system upgrade and looking after the children solo, how can I possibly relax and do nothing?

I decide I will postpone putting my feet up to the easter holidays when I will definitely , definitely give it a go …..maybe….

Debbie x


Joining the D4GG team! 17 March 2014

 I joined this team when I came down to visit my aunt (Anne), my uncle and my little cousins and as I knew she had the company I asked if I could join her at work.

I hadn’t really known much about everything that she did until I turned up; I was amazed at all of the stock that D4GG kept. So my first job was to go all through the different dresses, Pettiskirts and Tutus and choose my favourite of each (how could I turn down an offer like that!). So I happily looked though all the stock and found the cutest little turquoise three tiered baby dress; I just fell in love with the colour and the big skirt!

As quickly as I fell I love with that dress I fell in love with the company! I started doing invoices to try and help out whilst I was staying, and then we did a stock take of the tutus; I just loved all of the organisation but I really did just enjoy doing everything from invoices to the coffee run to writing Facebook posts for the company! So that first week really flew by and I was upset about leaving, so I only lasted a week away from the D4GG team until my aunt and I were talking about me coming back. And I did! As soon as I was in the car on the way Anne and Debbie offered me a position in the team and I was so pleased, not only that I had an excuse to look at more gorgeous dresses and pettiskirts and all the other gorgeous little things but it meant that I could carry on doing all of the things that really made me enjoy working there! It may get stressful and extremely busy but we always end up laughing and having fun, the team is really like a family to me already.

It’s just a countdown until my first staff party now! 

- Jess! 


What should a girl wear to her first holy communion ?12 March 2014    

How times have changed from when I did my First Holy Communion many years ago - I'm not going to reveal how many! 

I wore a simple white dress and veil my mum had made and I look back at the photos with happiness and fondness. I don't remember all the organisation that seems to go into the special day now - the preparation classes, the church party, the family party and the presents but maybe I'm looking at my day through rose tinted glasses.

So here are my few tips on choosing that perfect dress for any little girl about to receive the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist.  Each church has different rules about outfits they will allow; some prefer the girls not to wear gloves or carry a bag where as others are happy with these, so it may be worth checking.  Shoulders should be covered so if you choose a dress with straps why not add a white bolero. The skirt length should cover the knees but you can choose between a full length or a mid calf length dress. The style of the dress is definitely personal choice; you could go for a simply designed style or one with more detail. Veils - yes or no? We have seen a definite increase in the sale of veils over the past few years; is this due to the fact we all wore veils when doing our Holy Communion? Veils certainly don't look out of place at a first communion and you can choose from one with a tiara attached or one without, both are equally beautiful. The most important thing is that your little girl feels comfortable and gorgeous for her very special day!